Andrew Wilson


Andrew Wilson has over 20 years of experience in executive and operational leadership in the technology industry addressing enterprise and consumer markets, with a focus on security services. Andrew founded SecureNet with the vision that technology can be creatively used to solve long-standing security problems and enhance, even augment human endeavor in this field.

Brad Sparrow


The founder and former president CEO of VOXCOM Security Systems, Brad Sparrow provides SecureNet with strategic guidance and leads the board of directors in matters of strategy, partnerships and financial management. In addition to his role as SecureNet chairman, Brad is actively engaged in working with executive leadership teams in a broad variety of industries and capacities throughout North America.

Bill Rose


With over 35 years in the security industry, Bill Rose brings a wealth of operational and leadership experience to SecureNet. As former Chief Operating Officer of ASG Security, Bill oversaw significant growth in RMR from $870K in 2003, to $10.5M at the close of 2015. Expanding ASG's footprint from three branch locations to 24 operating markets across the U.S., Rose was instrumental in growing the company to annual revenues in excess of $165M. Additionally, he successfully intergraded over 70 acquisitions into ASG's platform. Prior to joining ASG, Rose spent six years internationally with then start-up, Signature Security Group (Australia and New Zealand) departing as COO to join ASG in late 2003.

David Wilson


David Wilson brings 16 years of information technology, product development and software experience to this role overseeing the creation, development and delivery of the SecureNet platform. David's experience includes working with large enterprises to design, build and deploy unique technology solutions for mission-critical systems.

Barrie Webb

VP of Sales

Barrie has rejoined SecureNet in 2014. Previously responsible for building our global partner distribution network, he is now responsible for managing, developing and driving SecureNet's Global channel sales strategy focused on driving new business and creating new sales channels for SecureNet's portfolio of products. Barrie is a seasoned Sales professional with over 20 years business development and management experience in the telecommunications & software industries across Australia, Europe and the America's. Prior to his appointment as SecureNet's Global VP of Sales, Barrie was Head of Sales Europe for Call Design Pty Ltd, Aspect Software's largest global WFO reseller

David Thrum

VP of New Business Development

David Thrum has been working in the enterprise software world for the past 20 years. He has held Senior Management and Vice President positions with Silicon Valley based software companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Net IQ and Cheyenne Software, which was acquired by Computer Associates for $1.1 billion. David has successfully launched each of these organizations in the Asia Pacific region prior to these companies listing on Nasdaq and the NYSE. In recent years David is investing and mentoring in software companies that are expanding internationally with series A or series B investment. He also sits on a number of advisory boards including, New Wave Ventures, Tapit Media and SecureNet Technologies.