Resolution Products launch Universal Translator

 John Pirrie
 Apr 15, 2016
Universal Translator

Resolution Products launched their new Universal Translator™ which reduces 19 SKUs to just 2 — a wireless and a hardwire version.

Technicians can set the desired panel RF protocol easily with the dial built into the translator, providing all possible take-over and repeater needs from a single device.

"Resolution is a company that delivers innovation, but also listens to our customers."" said Brian Seemann, President of Resolution Products. "We have shipped nearly a million Translators in our 7 year history, and now want to ensure that these solutions are even more simple and robust. The Universal Translator expands a dealer's servable market by nearly 30%, helping our customers grow rapidly."

The Universal Translator supports Honeywell®, DSC™, 2GIG™, GE® and Napco™ sensors as well as Honeywell, DSC, 2GIG and GE panels.

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