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About SecureNet

Headquartered in central Florida, SecureNet builds technology that makes homes and business spaces safer, more convenient, and enjoyable.

Our founding team began in the early '90s as an Australian-based systems integrator in the security and protection industry. Success and growth of that business lead to the need for our own central monitoring station, but none of the solutions available in the market met our needs. This surprising lack of external technology and innovation drove us to create our own solutions and develop the SecureNet platform.

By 2003 our systems and platform were in place and serving commercial customers, and SecureNet Technologies was born.

As we developed deep roots in international markets, with customers in the UK and Asia as well as significant partners in the utility and Telco industries, we found more and more ways in which technology can be creatively used to solve long-standing problems and enhance human endeavor. And, like others, we saw an increasing number of companies transfer core business applications to a cloud-based service model.

Our hardware and software offerings are built upon these core philosophies. It's our goal to continue to offer services and products that make homes and businesses safer, more convenient, and enjoyable. SecureNet offerings enhance—even augment—the speed and ability of human operators to make decisions through rule-based processes and the application of intelligent business rules.

From our successes as a fully-functioning central monitoring station, we've built a monitoring platform that can be utilized as a full automation system for central stations. Additionally, our platform can integrate seamlessly with other leading central station automation software, providing legacy systems with the latest interactive services. This service is offered as either a traditional on-premise solution or as a hosted service.

SecureNet took a major step forward in its continued growth in 2012, when CEO Andrew Wilson moved the corporate headquarters from Sydney, Australia, to Orlando, Florida. An experienced, successful security executive, Wilson has honed the company's strategy and continued to build a world-class management team.

SecureNet is a privately held company headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, with locations in St. Petersburg, Florida; Lehi, Utah; and Sydney, Australia.


SecureNet is a proud member of the following organizations:
Z-Wave Alliance