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4th Generation SmartLink End-User App Now Available

 John Pirrie
 May 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new SmartLink (4.06)

This version of our end-user app is completely re-skinned and includes several key improvements.

SmartLink App

New Features:

  1. Added support for Helix Panel.
  2. Security: added controlling of Zones (Zone Status, Zone Bypass for selected panels).
  3. Security: added Silent Arm, Arm with No Entry Delay (different settings for different panels).
  4. Video: enabled Z-Wave device control on video page.
  5. Settings: added Global Chime feature.
  6. Optimize Network: added "Optimize Network" feature.
  7. Status Bar: add a status bar to show the Security status of Armed Away/Stay, Disarmed, Zones open, Tamper, etc. in corresponding color. Also temporarily displays whether a command was successfully executed or not.
  8. Status Bar extended list: added extended list of status bar to show the Security details with zones open/bypassed.
  9. System Status: added a drop-down bar of System Status to display status information.

General Updates:

  1. Updated UI style throughout the app - Login page, background images, buttons/icons style, layout in each module, popup message style, etc.
  2. Clearly displaying all the items on a single Homepage.
  3. Changed wording of "Alarm System" to "Security", "Lights & Modules" to "Lights & Appliances".
  4. Removed "About" on the Main Menu. It is called "Dashboard" now.
  5. Activity: combined "Message" and "History" into one module as "Activity".
  6. Video: combined "Live Video" and "Video Archive" into one module of "Video".
  7. Scenes: now displaying the following items - All Devices/Lights/Appliances with other scenes directly on this page.
  8. Other Devices: added module of "Other Devices" to the dashboard.
  9. Login: added fields of "username", "password" and cursor in the input box.

SmartLink is available on both the App Store and Google Play. To access SmartLink, you must have an account set up and configured by a Security Provider powered by SecureNet.

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