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Bring Old Panels to Life

Bring Old Panels to Life

Upgrade existing customers to the latest security, video and home automation technology

Get the most from your Accounts

Upgrade Legacy Systems

Retro-fit non-interactive and 2G panels with the latest communication technology, without replacing the panel or sensors.

Re-engage Your Customers

Introduce security-only customers to remote security control while up-selling home control and video monitoring.

Improve Customer Retention

Protect your RMR by establishing your service as the central hub of your customer's new "smart home".

The SecureNet Advantage

Instant Response Interactive

Experience the fastest interactive platform in the industry. Instant control with real-time system, zone and device status.

Get your own Custom App

Increase your brand awareness with your own custom built iPhone and Android apps. App cost is fully rebated based on volume.

No Nickel-and-Diming

Simple, competitive pricing for security and interactive services. No account activation. No overage charges. No hidden fees.

Next Generation Technology

Faster, more Reliable Alarm Transport

Fully encrypted VPN communication from the security system directly to the central station. No NOC, relaying or signal forwarding.

Instant Response Home Control

SecureNet's always-on connection provides real-time 2-way feedback on all security and home control devices, without frustrating polling delays.

Advanced Network Supervision

Don’t wait until the next day – know within up to 5 minutes if your security system is offline with SecureNet’s Advanced Network Supervision.

Panel Sabotage Protection

SecureNet's Patent-pending panel sabotage protection provides an additional layer of protection to your security system.

Interactive Gateway Diagram

Developed in partnership with Resolution Products, an Interactive Gateway Module (IGM) is the most cost effective way to get an existing system online with SecureNet's interactive services.

The IGM wires directly into the keypad bus of the existing panel, leaving the entire system intact, while upgrading both alarm transport and interactive communication paths.

IGM Resources:

For more information about Interactive Gateway Modules, visit the Resolution Products website

Supported Panels

Honeywell Vista
Honeywell Vista™
DSC Power Series
DSC Power Series
GE Interlogix Simon XT
GE® Interlogix Simon XT®
GE Interlogix Simon XTi
GE® Interlogix Simon XTi®
GE Interlogix Concord
GE® Interlogix Concord®
GE Interlogix NX
GE® Interlogix NX®
Napco™ P800, P801, P816, P1632

Get the SecureNet Platform working for You

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